Weight 9.9 kg
Tabletop thickness 1 cm


Frame finish White Matt 890 RAL 9016
Frame material Steel
Tabletop finish White/Black Edges NCS S0502-G
Tabletop material Laminate


Size 55w x 45d x 45h cm
Volume 0.17 m3
Year 2004


Gunilla Allard: “The television from the 60’s inspired me when choosing the shape of the table top.”

Cooper comes in a number of sizes and shapes. The base is a match of the craft technology of laser-cut metal components with the artistic interpretation of Gunilla Allard’s design.

Gunilla Allard

In 1985 Gunilla was a visiting student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School in Copenhagen. When newly graduated, in 1988, Gunilla was selected, as one of five students, to participate in a student workshop arranged by Lammhults, which led to the start of her carrier as a furniture designer. Gunilla became Lammhults first female designer and her continued work for Lammhults has resulted in a numerous range of furniture design. Cinema easy chair, designed for Lammhults in 1994, with details from old sports cars as a source of inspiration, is the most wellknown of her designs. The statement of the jury of the George Jensen prize received in 1996, one of many prestigious awards received, well describes her products. ”… strict, minimalistic and elegant design. The proportions and details of her furniture reveal a genuine sense of quality.” Gunilla´s collaboration with Lammhults during 30 years, as well as designing kitchens, glassware, lightning and carpets, makes her one of the foremost names in contemporary Scandinavian design.

Since our beginnings in 1945 in the small town of Lammhult in southern Sweden, Lammhults has adhered to the principles of the Modern Movement instilled in the company by our founder Edvin Ståhl.