Fora Form Copenhagen Chair Fora Form Copenhagen Chair

It is not often a jewel of a chair is launched. Copenhagen is just that chair. The chair is defiant, but at the same time is soft and harmonic. It can stand alone as a sculpture or several placed in a group. Copenhagen Chair has already received a lot of attention in designer magazines, and it has by Innovasjon Norge been used in several international exhibitions. Standard executions are walnut, oak and maple veneers. Maple veneer can also be delivered with black stain. Base in chrome and the cushions are available in a large selection of fabric and leather qualities. Copenhagen Chair is well-suited both for the home and contract markets. Copenhagen Chair is light in weight. This chair was designed for the residence of the Norwegian Ambassador in Copenhagen. Standard: Laminated oak, walnut and maple veneers. Steel: chrome Menu: Black full-colour stained maple is delivered on menu. Info: Copenhagen is available in fabric or leather. Weight/Assembling: 10 kilo per chair. Delivered assembled. 1 chair per carton. Measures: W 84 x D 74 x H 76 cm (SH 38 cm)

FORA FORM was founded in 1929. FORA FORM is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of chairs, seating groups and tables for the contract market.