Copacabana by Durlet

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With this armchair, Anita Schmidt is making a statement. This design is the definite proof that, for designers, age equals experience and definitely not laziness. This piece of furniture made of tubular steel presents a visual language that is inspired on a number of classics but, within the limitations of human ergonomics and technical possibilities, is still a completely new design. The design of this armchair is the result of a search for a far reaching reduction of surplus elements while retaining the individual line in the frame. The form, moreover, allows for the highest sitting comfort. The frame is only present where needed for pieces of leather and fabric in strips and sections to be tensioned around it, resulting in a comfortable armchair. Although it gives the impression of being very simple, this design requires a high finishing level. The choice of materials also guarantees maximum durability. A special type of linen, for example, is stitched in the covers to prevent them from stretching too much in use. The frame can be coated in a colour of choice, which gives the armchair a unique look. The COPACABANA design has been completely re-imagined into a lounge armchair, whereas the original was more of a low side chair. The entire design philosophy was nevertheless retained, and even enhanced. It was sought to reduce superfluous elements, and thus the tube frame was further lightened and the leather patches were converted into a sleeve now hung from top to bottom as a type of beanbag. The frame has become higher, meaning you can now actually let your head rest against the leather. A mechanism allowing you to adjust the headrest to your ideal position for the moment has been built in. Together with the corresponding foot rest, you can now sit back and let yourself go in the COPACABANA.

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