Width 11.5 cm
Depth 11.5 cm
Height 7 cm
Base width 12 cm
Hole diameter 10.5 cm
Hole min. height 7.5 cm


Reflector finish Aluminium


Colour temperature 3000 k
Control 1 - 10 v
Cri > 80
Ip rating IP 20
Light bulb type LED
Luminous flux 530 lm
Optics Spot 15º
Wattage 7 w


Cool is a compact luminaire of different optics combining the light beams and bringing them together for maximum lighting potential.

Cool is personalization. The luminaire comes in three different sizes, available in a multitude of finishes, designed for subtly decorating the ceiling or blending in with it.

Founded in 2013, Fluvia is a new brand that designs and plays with light through its luminaires.