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ConWork makes sitting natural again – simply. Flowing forms and clear contours characterise the aesthetics of modern understatement. The innovative mechanism provides superb sitting in any position. It is really easy to use and features outstanding material properties with its flexible wooden seat shell. The technical invention follows the minimalist design principle. ConWork brings together things that have long formed a single entity in the working world: Concentration, communication and project workflow. The chair for every occasion supports healthy sitting whatever you are doing. It is the first true all-rounder.  Its talent is a consequence of its reduced design. The light, elegant ConWork chair is simple to use and doesn’t rely on complicated technology – making it an outright winner. ConWork goes beyond regular office chair design featuring aesthetically flowing transitions. It promotes dynamic sitting at your desk, cooperation in the conference room, and in a project area it adapts easily to changing users whilst offering genuine seated comfort.  ConWork is ideal for a knowledge-based society with its constantly-changing challenges. As it’s not complicated to operate, user manuals and training sessions are completely unnecessary. The invention of a new and simple way of using a chair has revolutionised healthy sitting in the same way that Margarete Klöber’s health chair – the foundation stone of the company – did years ago.  The first office chair with smart technology is based on an intelligent analogy. Based on the carabiner principle, the power is transferred between two springs by means of extension. The springs are fixed at two points and act between the seat and the back. When someone sits on the chair the spring is extended and adapts to the shape of the body. When they stand up, the spring returns to its original shape.  The pressure of the body weight on the seat is channelled into the backrest to provide counter-pressure. The pressure and counter-pressure of the mechanism, for which there is a patent pending, interplay flexibly with one another at every movement. Tall or short, light or heavy, the counter-pressure always adapts to the individual’s size. This allows every sitter to be supported comfortably in a reclining position, as well as ensuring correct posture when sitting upright.

Valuable Roots Klöber has its origins in the pioneering spirit of the 1930s.