Conique by De Castelli
De Castelli

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Conique are outdoor and indoor pots with an elegant, and at the same time simple shape. The stylistic design is very clean and further underlined by the strong dimensional contrast of the collection: the ample diameter of the base, in fact, is unchanged in each of the three heights in which pots are proposed, allowing a choreographic game of combinations and compositions. Conique are furnishing elements suitable for public or private spaces. Finishes: Cor-ten, satin stainless steel, maistral stainless steel, Ral lacquere Sizes: Conique 104: 80 cm ø lower, 30 cm ø upper, h 104 cm Conique 64: 80 cm ø lower, 30 cm ø upper, h 64 cm Conique 29: 80 cm ø lower, 30 cm ø upper, h 29 cm

The energy of a man who succeeds in achieving his ideas flows naturally in Albino Celato, the founded, in the year 2003, of De Castelli, a brand that would soon come to prove its worth, on the strength of the experience of centuries that he inherited from his family of blacksmiths, deeply rooted in the piedmont area of Treviso and masters in shaping iron.