Width 27.5 cm
Depth 27.5 cm
Height 34 cm
Weight 4.5 kg


Colour Cone Black
Material Steel and Glass


Light bulb cap type E27


3D model (.stl)

Kranen and Gille, who met during their education at Design Academy Eindhoven always seek to combine various disciplines, craftsmanship and their own particular aestethics into appealing design objects.

All their pieces seem to breathe industrial revolution with a whiff of natural structures. Instead of creating a narrative, Kranen en van Gille decided to let pure form lead the way. While combining and recombining shapes, and without a clear function in mind, they finally reached the core of the design. Numerous sketches were made, drawn with a single line, until the ideal one appeared. This resulted in the Cone light, with as its focal point a glass cylinder emerging from that one perfect line.

Puik makes design personal.