Width 16 cm
Depth 16 cm
Height 17 cm
Weight 1.80 kg


Colour Grey
Material Concrete


Assembly required none
Suitable for outdoor use yes


For all herbs and plants with a maximum diameter of 13 cm.

The SPICEPOT is made of smooth concrete. An increase in the bottom of the pot serves as a water reservoir. The plants do not stand in water, there is no dammed-up water and the plant can supply themselves with water via their roots when needed. The reservoir holds up to 200 ml of water.

The bottom of the pot is glued waterproof with a soft leather fibre fabric and ensures that the pot stands stable and does not scratch surfaces.

The 7 mm thin-walled concrete pot is suitable for all standard pots up to 13 cm diameter.

“We are drawn to the natural world. It’s in our nature. And yet we live in cities and stare at walls. The label URBANATURE fills the gap in everyday life between city living and the longing for something more primal.” Jörg Brachmann