Concept C Con60 by Klöber

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Hocker Gestell: Kufengestell Flachstahl 60 x 6 mm. Hochglanz verchromt. Filzgleiter liegen der Lieferung bei. Sitz: 2 Schichten. Sitzaufbau: Untere Lage 50 mm PU-Schaum. Obere Lage 70 mm Komfort-Kaltschaum und Komfort-Vliesauflage für langlebigen Sitzkomfort und Formschönheit. Schaumdichte: 50 kg/m3.

Visually and acoustically screened, the lounge provides a space for concentrated work, either alone or in a small group. The island within the office environment improves concentration and provides a greater sense of privacy. In the lounge, the sitter is not disturbed and does not disturb others. It offers discretion for private conversations, negotiations and short periods of rest, for stopping to pause a while. Confidential information remains just that – confidential. Concept C sofas with their high back create aesthetically and acoustically screened areas for sitting. Concept C stools are quick to rearrange in order to accommodate a larger group or connect the sofas to create a corner. The cubic sofa programme harmonises with the shell chairs and compact shell chairs for a uniform design quality. Concept C shell chairs create areas where things happen. They are recommended for unconventional working practices. SOFA Skid frame, polished chrome finish low backrest (31 cm), single chair, two-seater sofa with or without armrests high backrest (88 cm) with side panels as two-seater sofa Single stool or corner element Two-seater sofa optionally available with storage box, wire management on request Table: 66 x 66 cm, 30 cm high; solid natural beech, black or white ash, or natural walnut

Valuable Roots Klöber has its origins in the pioneering spirit of the 1930s.