Depth 16.9 cm
Diameter 101 cm


Colour 1 Nut Brown
Colour 2 Gold
Colour 3 Soft Pink
Colour 4 Orange Red
Finish Marset - Major


Colour temperature 2700 k
Dimmable Yes
Light bulb included Yes
Light source LED SMD 7.8W 700mA
Luminous flux 1066 lm
Size Large
Year of design 2016


Concentric is a visually striking lamp whether it’s on or off, though turned on in the dark is when it becomes the most impressive and dynamic.

The effect it promotes is almost hypnotic, because of the way the light vibrates when we view it. Concentric’s design emerges from the observation of a natural phenomenon: while on an airplane journey, the fixture’s designer noticed the effect of the sunlight entering through the windows and reflecting the vibrant colours of the passengers’ clothing on the curved white surface of the airplane’s interior. The Concentric collection is based on an artistic endeavour to highlight this interaction between light and the reflection of colour, as each white circular panel plays with a different colour on its back. In daylight, these colours are subtly perceived, but at night when the lamp is on is when they come to the fore and shine, stirring complex coloured light effects. Because of its pure symmetrical shape, Concentric plays with these reminiscences of the sun. It comes in three different sizes and three different colour combinations: the Marset - Corona model with neon colours, the Marset - Major model with warm colours, and the Marset - Minor model with cool colours.

Marset is about more than lamps: we take care of light, in its different nuances and effects, to create atmospheres with character and improve our clients’ quality of life.