Width 200 cm
Depth 100 cm
Height 73 cm
Weight 40 kg


Tabletop colour Black recycled food packaging


Technical sheet (.pdf)

The Column trestles are designed by Danish OeO Studio, internationally recognized for both design and interior design.

With its white, marble-like surface and hints of gold and silver, the surface of the Column Table reveals fragments of yoghurt silver foil that draw us in and reveal the plastic’s unique recycling story. The table stocks in two types of tabletops; white recycled yoghurt containers and black recycled packaging waste. The honest choice of material combined with the handmade trestles by skilled artisans this table interacts with a craft mastered in generations in Moradabad, Northern India, honouring the UN Sustainable Development Goals of supporting “Decent Work and Economic growth” (SDGs 8), “Responsible Consumption and Production” (SDGs 12) and “Partnership for the Goals” (SDGs 17) by providing programs that can vitalize local craftsmanship - allowing artisans to reach their maximum potential and paying them better wages while simultaneously serving economic and social goals.

OeO Studio

Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann - OeO Studio - are strong believers in “reason for being”. They share an ardent drive and passion for creating products and experiences that harbour an inner sense of necessity and offer enduring quality.

They also share a passion for craftsmanship, tactile natural materials and a lived-in sensibility when creating meaningful products and universes. Their profound understanding of the personality of a brand, their human approach and their insatiable curiosity has taken them far – from creating the interiors of Michelin-starred restaurants to aspirational objects that have earned their place in the permanent collections of the V&A.

They have designed award-winning showrooms and curated internationally acclaimed design brands. And they have been a directional force in the revitalisation of the traditional crafts scene of Kyoto. Sharing their passion, philosophy and mission is a multi-disciplinary in-house team of international talents.

Mater is a conscious and ethical design brand with a strong design philosophy and great craftsmanship.