Colorfive NA Dining Chair Set of 4

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Bright colors and pastel shades combine as multicolored decorations that look like paintings.

Gradations of grey, green, brown express the true colors of nature. The revolutionary Colorfive collection of Stefano Sandonà uses the most advanced technology of plastic injection and a palette of original colors. With prêt à porter style, and the various colors available, Colorfive matches perfectly any indoor and outdoor environment. Infinite design possibilities.

Stefano Sandonà

Dialogue between different languages ​​and cultures. The creations of Stefano Sandonà are the result of the contamination of the elements of contemporary culture: graphism, digital world, movement. Inspirations drawn from travel, architecture and landscapes translate into sinuous objects, intense colors and sensory colors.
Born in 1974 in Padua, after an artistic training, he accumulates design and collaboration experiences with other professional firms and companies in the field of furniture.
His approach is concrete, direct, of acquiring professionalism within the entrepreneurial Northeast; develops projects of strong process and dynamism, compatible with the company and the market.

In 2006 he founded the firm Stefano Sandonà Design, his activities range from product design to consulting, to fittings, focusing in particular in the furniture sector.

In a few years he has received prestigious international awards such as the GOOD DESIGN of the Chicago Athenaum, IF Design of Hannover, RED DOT of Essen, just to name the most important ones.