H 900 x B 600 x D 66 mm

Think of Collage as a multifunctional wall decoration. It comprises various functions, such as a mirror, magnetic black or white glass noticeboard for messages and reminders, hooks for your most used clothes and accessories, and a handy little shelf for keys and other odds and ends. These different functions are usually bought separately, but now you can integrate all of them in one and the same basic design, and combine the various modules to make best use of the space at your disposal. Collage is ideal in settings that require everything from a beautiful mirror sparkling with character to a practical combination of everyday functions. This makes Collage as useful in hotel rooms, lobbies and receptions as it is in the hall or bedroom at home. Execution: Collage comes in six different combinations of three basic modules. Mirror. Glass writing board/noticeboard in black or white glass with seven spherical magnets. Clothes hooks with four ball-shaped hooks on a backboard of oak, birch or ash veneer, eight coloured finishes and ten stained finishes. Each module is secured to the wall on a metal suspension rail. Accessories: Shelf in solid oak, ash and ten stained finishes on ash. When ordering, please enter: Item number, color of glass writing board and choice of wood.

History The furniture company of Karl Andersson & Söner dates back to 1898.