Collage by Bonaldo

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36 cm x 142 cm x 47 cm (w x h x d)

“It is the persisting image of an awkward collection of frameless mirrors with various sizes and belonging to different eras that gave birth to the Collage sofa tables”, says the designer Alain Gilles. “Just like a collage art piece, these fragments of mental images have been extracted out of their original context and functionalities, and reassembled in order to generate a new entity with new function. In some versions, the concept of the collage is further emphasized by the use of different colours and materials”. All tables but one are linked. The centre point is the circular top table that serves as the link to three other tables, that can partially gravitate around it in order to be positioned according to the needs of the users. There is also an extra loose table that can be positioned anywhere and, in a way, can completely redefine the architectures of this aggregated sofa table from an elongated shape to a square-like shape depending on the length of the sofa and its relationship with other seats in the room. Overall, the Collage sofa tables, realized in plate, are clearly defined by their connection, and interconnection, and by a certain visual fragility or lightness. Available in four fixed chromatic solutions: red/green/light blue/brown/black; dove grey /brown/amaranth/powder pink/orange; dove grey/brown/amaranth/powder pink/green; dove grey/brown/amaranth/powder pink/black.

BONALDO. Eighty years of history and passion for design.