Barovier&Toso Colimaçon Barovier&Toso Colimaçon Barovier&Toso Colimaçon

A constantly changing chandelier, which once again revolutionises the concept of the genre: the elegant arms, available in three metallic finishes (polished chrome, dark chrome and gold) and which can be arranged in multiple combinations, rotating around the centre and allowing the creation of a different chandelier every time. It is available in nine models – but with infinite possible arrangements – from four to twelve lights, and in five colour combinations for the diffusers. Available colors: turtledove grey/white, grey/white, beige gold/white, red/white, bluastro/white; finishing: polished chrome, dark chrome, gold

The history of Barovier - a small company, a family, a great story since 1295 Everything took place on an island, an exotic, wondrous place like every island: Murano.