Width 44.5 cm
Depth 52.5 cm
Height 90.5 cm


Finish Oak Natural
Material Oak


Codfish is inspired by the natural lines and clean shapes.

Projected to any room, this chairs adapts to any space. Available in several colors, this chair fits in any ambience and environment, making it unique.

Wewood Design Center

"Wewood has a multidisciplinary work team, which is constituted by professionals of areas as architecture and interior design, incorporating the research and development office. this team develops and coordinates studies and furniture design projects. Wewood's professionals ensure high quality services that combine the aesthetic importance and comfort.

Without neglecting the functionality. They accompany all furniture phases, since the previous study until the production.
In our pieces, we always try to combine the designer's sensitivity with the interaction between human/ object, so that we can meet needs of each one."

We believe that everything we do at Wewood is driven by an unwavering passion for creating a product of excellence.