This combined pegboard shelving system is the ultimate versatile display solution. Comprised of individual pegboard panels, a unit can be built to fill your space by purchasing as many panels, shelves and display accessories as you need. The system can work well just as a single panel for a table-top display.

As well as making your own system, to make purchasing simple, we’ve created a set configuration, the Coda Panel System Set, which can provide numerous display options as one unit or separated into two units. You can choose to wall-mount your system or have it free-standing, feet and wall brackets are optional.

The raw birch plywood finish is primed for a quick coat of your favourite paint, or you can just leave it as it is for the rustic look. No screws or nails are required for assembly; all you have to do is simply slot the components together.

Panel pack includes: 3 small shelves and 1 large shelf. Optional feet or wall brackets. Extension connectors (to connect multiple panels together) sold separately.


Standard Panel: H70 x W29cm, feet: D42cm Angled Panel: H84 x W29 x D42cm Standard Panel without Shelves or Feet/Wall Brackets: H68 x W29cm

This sustainable approach to living, by reducing the need for disposing furniture or big home-removal vans, also inspired how Wayfarer Furniture products would be designed and manufactured.