Cobble Rug

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Versatile, trong and durable, it is perfect for spaces subject to intense and prolonged use.

Conceived by GAN’s creative team, COBBLE recreates the universal cobblestone pavement in a grayscale that reminds uf of natural stone, concrete or granite. Thanks to the wool properties and the profusion of details that hand-knotting allows, this thick and warm rug forms a dense grid that seems to gain volume.

GAN is the indoor brand of GANDIABLASCO, and its starting point… In the late 80s, José Gandia-Blasco, president of the company, reinvented a family business that had been around for four decades. Faithful to the firm’s origins, José developed new lines of home textiles, betting big on design and incorporating the world of rugs to the offering. This is how the original GAN was born.