Width 15 cm
Depth 4 cm
Height 170 cm
Weight 4.5 kg


Colour RAL 9017 black


Assembly required some
Suitable for outdoor use no


With a nod to the shakers' wall stretching coatracks, the base of the coatracks is a square metal bar which is laser cut in a six-meter stretch. After this the hooks (which are 10 cm apart) are pulled out by hand. The hole the hook creates, allows you to screw the rack onto the wall.

The seperate items are available in three sizes, the items are sold as set:

1 meter, 10 hooks
0,5 meter, 5 hooks
19,76 cm, 2 hooks
corner pieces 10 x 10 cm
connection pieces 20 cm & 50 cm without hooks
solid Oakwood shelf

Vij5 is a Dutch design label with a collection of interior products, characterized by their minimalist aesthetic and functionality. Its founders, Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst, designed the basis of the product collection and actively seek collaboration with other young designers to expand their collection.