Colour White
Material Steel
Secondary colour Yellow
Secondary material Beech


metal wire and solid beech wood hanger • metal : black or white powder coating • balls : natural varnish beech wood, yellow or black

ATOME is one single metal wire that links two spheres with different diameters and not quite at the same distance from the wall. This creates a sense of easy asymmetry for an excellent and ergonomic wall hook.

Reminiscent of the 50s, ATOME stands out by its minimalist aesthetics. The metal wire is folded to make it leave the wall at different angles, but it has no welding.

The wooden spheres are soft and will not damage your clothes. They are well distanced from the wall to accumulate coats and anything else you might want to hook onto them. The « thread » on the left is long enough to hang bags and other accessories and leave the wooden sphere untouched.

There’s graphic value in ATOME. Alone or mixed with other ATOMES, you can sculpt away, your way.

ATOME is part of our W furniture collection whose inspiring element is our magazine rack MW. ATOME is part of our exploration of geometrical, light and strong shapes that we study to see how much we can get out of a simple metal wire with the least interference in the manufacturing process.

dimensions :

width 38 cm — height 19 cm — depth 18 cm

sphere diameters: 4 cm and 6 cm

metal wire diamètre: 8 mm

metal wire and solid beech wood coat hanger

• metal : black or white powder coating

• spheres : natural varnish beech wood or yellow

Use our ATOME coat hanger just by itself, or combine different elements to create a useful wall sculpture.


¿adónde? means ¨where¨ in spanish which for us translates into a policy of complete openness. People know where and how our objects are made.