Cloudy F21 A02 71 by Fabbian

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Fabbian Cloudy F21 A02 71 Fabbian Cloudy F21 A01 71 Fabbian Cloudy F21 E01 71 Fabbian Cloudy F21 E02 71

F21 Cloudy Cloudy Lamp: a glass cloud that floats in the air Cloudy is Fabbian Illuminazione’s new blown-glass lamp created by French designer, Mathieu Lehanneur. Normally, when we look at clouds, we seek organic shapes, similar to objects of living beings. In this case, the creative process has been reversed: this is a special object which, during its creation, revealed all its potential. “Cloudy is a paradox! – explains young designer, Mathieu Lehanneur – This lamp has been created using extremely complex steel moulds, which have given it an almost magical lightness, a glass cloud floating in the air”. An object-lamp therefore which, from the pencil of the designer to its engineering and manufacture, has taken on the shape of a light and evanescent cloud. “By mixing together clear white glass with high-luminosity LEDs – explains Mathieu – Cloudy is a ray of sun after the rain!” The Cloudy “cloud”, when switched on, thus reveals all its luminosity and evokes sunlight after the rain. A design lamp containing in itself a positive sign of hope and optimism. Cloudy, available as a suspension lamp or light fitting, features gradient white blown glass and die-cast aluminium structure. It is lit by high-power LED lamps.

Fabbian Illuminazione was established in 1961 as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for homes and for contract work.