Cloud-30 by BELUX

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1x 42W, T/E, G24q, 230V

Their poetic character and great variety transform the fair-weather clouds CLOUD, into an atmospheric light sculpture. Its durable high-tech material can be sculptured to render each light into a one-of-a-kind CLOUD. Standard sizes range from 0.5 m up to 7 m – with other forms and sizes individually made. The energy-saving family of lights not only looks stylish in private households or public areas but with its glare protection, it is also ideal for workplaces. Material: Polyesterfleece – virtually tear-proof, age-resistant and non-inflammable NEW - BABYCLOUD-40 The youngest offspring of this CLOUD/MAMACLOUD lamp family is already a child prodigy: fitted with a 5 Watt LED, BABYCLOUD is extremely economical to use. And with 50,000 almost maintenance-free operating hours to go, its life span is every bit as good as that of its parents. The newborn is slightly larger than a ball of wool and casts a warm, soft light anywhere in the home, on a sideboard or bedside table, for example.

BELUX develops and manufactures lamps for office and home environments.