Width 59 cm
Depth 102 cm
Height 58 cm
Seat height 32 cm


Finish Black
Seat material Plastic Lamellas


Armrests Bamboo
Suitable for outdoor use Yes


Feel the rocking movements and enjoy the comfort – just relax!

CLIPS rocking chair is cosy and embracing but still light and simple.

Henrik Pedersen

Does design really matter? Perhaps not – but for me it’s essential. It gives me a thrill to design forms and functions that are capable of moving people passionately and opening up new possibilities.

Passion for design is in my mind, soul and heart, wherever I go.

And my main inspiration is neo-scandinavian design, influenced by the vibes of London and the humor of Amsterdam, often with elements of fusion, resulting in materials and functions being combined in new and original ways, while always striving for a pure and simple look.

HOUE is a Danish design house. We are driven by a passion for Affordable Luxury and a desire to benefit from the pool of gifted design talents in Denmark. We mix beautiful and innovative design with mass appeal.