Click Shelf by New Tendency
New Tendency

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Steel, powder coated, fine texture 710 × 210 x 610 mm 710 × 210 x 1150 mm 910 × 310 x 760 mm 910 × 310 x 1450 mm

CLICK is a boltless shelving system. The minimalistic form and construction, as well as the visual lightness, form the aesthetic characteristics of the shelf. Constructed of 1.5 mm thin sheet steel, a girder and shelves, the system functions similar to a construction kit. Only four screws fix the girder together to which the shelves are simply hung up without any tools. The material and precision of the components guarantee the stability and assembly.

NEW TENDENCY is contemporary design from Berlin. HOW NEW TENDENCY is a design company that applies Modernist principles onto contemporary objects of the everyday.