Classic Line TB 121 | TB 126 Conference table by Müller Möbelfabrikation
Müller Möbelfabrikation

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H 75/77 x B 200/240/280 x T 100/130 cm The boat-shaped linoleum tabletop of conference table TB 121/TB 126 is supported by a sturdy frame, to which both of the legs are attached. These are made of metal and varnished using the RAL colour system and are available with (TB 126) or without (TB 121) decorative trims. Depending on how much space is required, the frame gives you the option to attach the legs in different positions, 8 cm apart from one another. You can also choose between a height of 75 cm or 77 cm for the table. For conferences, cabling runs unseen through the frame. The worktop is available in different linoleum colours. Other decors – e.g. laminate – are available on request.

The Classic Line models are an assured statement which goes beyond trends and fashion - elegant, with a clear message, functional and solid. This furniture is durable, including its looks. Our Classic Line for offices, doctors surgeries, private and professional buildings is time-proven through its attractive design and great suitability for everyday use. For long durability, we make our furniture from 1 mm thick steel by hand and finish it off with acrylic lacquer used in the automotive industry. As all müller furniture Classic Line is available in the whole RAL colour range. Standard finish of all Classic Line furniture is glossy.

WHAT MAKES A CLASSIC? Passion and delight in design.