Randers+Radius Cirkum chair Randers+Radius Cirkum chair with armrest

High comfort and architectural harmony The aim of the CIRKUM chair has been to create a piece of furniture that combines comfort, variety and architectural harmony in a simple, distinctive shapeA friendly, warm and generous embrace The geometrical key that makes all these elements come together is the semi-circle. In the version with arms, the back and the arms together form a clear, perceptible semi-circle that envelops the user in a friendly, warm and generous embrace. Hence the name CIRKUM which means ”around” or ”about”.Aesthetics and user-friendly-ness Dressed for the occasion, the CIRKUM chair is an elegant addition to almost any architectural space from canteens, halls and conference facilities to exclusive meeting rooms that place high demands on aesthetics and user-friendly-ness.

One plus one is … one No – this is not a mistake. On the contrary, it is the only right answer.