Cirkel Carpet

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New Zealand wool and hand tufted natural fiber, available with white base / black pattern or black base / white pattern.

Hand-tafted New Zealand wool and natural fibre carpet, made in Thailand
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Ilaria Marelli

Ilaria Marelli, architect and designer, founded the creative ilaria marelli studio in 2004. which specializes in product, exhibition and interior design. The studio’s well-known clients include: Cappellini, Cassina, Zanotta, Fiam, E&Y, Coro, Bonaldo, Coin, Bosa, Invicta, Lancia, Tivoli Audio, Pitti, and the World Japan group. Ilaria Marelli is a member of the first Italian Design Council, and she is promoting the first Italian co-housing project. Ilaria Marelli teaches industrial design at Milano Politecnico.

Cappellini faced the new millennium inextricably linked to the world of images, exploration and research.