Width 100 cm
Depth 15 cm
Height 20 cm
Weight 1.2 kg
Total weight 1.95 kg


Finish 78 Powder Coated White
Material Metal


Ean 94036090000
Quantity 1


Handy has never been so beautiful.


Creations that are playful and seemingly weightless - Karen Olze and Gisa Wilkens seem to produce them in a unique fashion. After studying industrial design, the two women set up the Olze & Wilkens design office for product and graphic design in Berlin. This was in 2004, since when a feature of the work produced by Olze & Wilkens is how it reflects their ability to view day-to-day articles in a different way and make them into eye-catchers.

Feel welcome. That’s what Schönbuch is all about.