Cinderella Shoe cabinet by Yomei

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Cinderella, a dream of luxury
 This shoe cabinet invites you to dream. Cinderella embodies a sense of luxury and elegance, a dream of every woman. Not just once, but every day will this cabinet let your personal highlights shine like a bright star. Whether shoes, boots, handbags or other accessories, Cinderella ensures a fabulous look. The innovative LED lighting with a concealed power management provides a continuously variable switch from cold to warm light and dimming the light, all by remote control. Another exceptionally detail is the bottom drawer with an adjustable mirror front what offers the right view already when you try your shoes on. The variable interior compartments of the center part allow the use of additional drawers, which provides additional storage space. Fine materials such as leather and stainless steel underline the luxurious amenities of this extraordinary shoe cabinet. Dimensions: 70 ( unfolded 140 cm ) x 137 x 56 cm ( W x H x D )

Yomei – functionality in design. Combining aesthetic design with a high level of practical function is a fine art that has been perfected by up-and-coming furniture brand Yomei, outshining its German rivals.