Cielo Pendant by Pablo

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Cielo is an LED suspension light that provides perfectly balanced and warm illumination in a simple and expressive silhouette. Cielo can be suspended individually or in series to accent any residential and hospitality setting. Cielo features a fully dimmable and energy-efficient flat-panel technology that is rated for up to a 50K hour lifespan. CHANDELIER: The expressive simplicity of Cielo is newly reimagined as a chandelier, enabling dramatic lighting configurations for residential and commercial settings alike. Canopies are available in 17" and 26" sizes to support 3, 5, 7 and 13 pendant options. MATERIALS • Aluminum body • Polycarbonate bezel / lens assembly • Powder coat white steel canopy • Fabric cord FEATURES • Energy-efficient flat-panel technology • Fully dimmable light source • Available in multiple color combinations • Glare-free illumination SPECIFICATIONS • Voltage: 120/220V 60Hz • Power consumption: 8W • Color temperature: 3000K • Luminosity: 380 Lumens • Luminaire e%icacy: 48 Lumens/Watt • Color Rendition Index: 85 CRI • 50K hour lifespan • Cord length: 10’ (304cm) • Cord can be cut to desired length FINISH OPTIONS White/ White/ White Cord White/ White/ Turquoise Cord White/ Moss/ Copper Cord White/ Tomato/ Copper Cord Gray/ Gray/ Gray Cord Black/ Black/ Black Cord Satin Aluminum/ Gray Cord White canopy

At Pablo, we believe that the right light can transform any environment.