Child´s table by BULO

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Bulo celebrates its 50th anniversary with inspiration. The Bulo Designers created a unique child’s (to start with) table called O Mr. President. A charming desk for our future shapers of the world. Made in a durable way, this limited edition series will outlive generations just like all Bulo furniture does. But O Mr. President not only reflects Bulo’s legacy of craftsmanship and high standards. It is also an ode to play. A call to keep on playing, whatever your age. Slow design O Mr. President is also durable in an environment friendly way. Its tabletop is made from recycled premium wood, its legs from new parts but in a way that generates the least possible waste. Both are locally crafted in a Belgian atelier focused on social re-integration. Also, by using more than 90% wood, Bulo has created a largely carbon neutral beauty. Almost no carbon dioxide was emitted during the production cycle, which will please all eco-conscious future presidents. Work hard,play harder Above all, O Mr. President is an ode to play. Every time we show silly behaviour, are irrational, don’t think about limitations, experiment and fail, we are called childish. But maybe this is exactly what the world needs. Play is vital for children, but also for adults. Everyone needs play. Play is more than fun alone. Experimenting, humour, games and fantasy are deeply involved with human development and intelligence. Play is a requisite for learning. It is the root of creativity in the arts, sciences, entrepreneurship and daily life. Keeping up play can make us smarter, and happier, at any age. In the future, Bulo will keep on stimulating the interaction between work and play. We spend so much time of our lives working that it should be a positive, enriching experience. See O Mr. President as a kind reminder to stay in the mood for play, whatever your age. A desk that grows on you Children will love O Mr. President for its beauty and ergonomics. But, there is more. This durable wooden gem can be reused as a side table once your child grows out of it. Yes, O Mr. President will please all generations. It is built to be passed on. Our guess? O Mr. President will easily live to be fifty. Just like premium furniture is supposed to do. To prove that we are serious guessers, every O Mr. President comes with a 50-year warranty.

Since 1963, the Belgian brand Bulo has been creating furniture for work.