Milano Bedding Chick Milano Bedding Chick Milano Bedding Chick

archair bed, sofabeds and ottoman with bed Chick offers a compact and convenient solution for unexpected guests: armchair and sofa with removable cushions and the ottoman, all covered in fabric quilted with antiallergic fiber, conceals a slatted bed with a convenient front opening; the folding of the polyurethane foam mattress ensures that the sleeping side is different from the seating side. Dimensions width armchair cm. 81 - sofas cm. 141/161 depth cm. 101 height armchair / sofas cm. 72 - ottoman cm. 44 mattress armchair / sofas cm. 80/140/160x196x10h - ottoman cm. 80x200x10h

Milano Bedding® is a brand founded in 1996 from the experience of Kover, a company which for thirty years has been a leading manufacturer of sofa beds, beds and mattresses.