Chemise Bed by Living Divani
Living Divani

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Living Divani Chemise Bed Living Divani Chemise Living Divani Chemise XL Living Divani Chemise Sofabed

“The sofa’s shapes are reassuring. In seeming contrast with the modernity and production techniques used. The proportions are drawn from past memory, but I have added a shirt, with which to dress or undress the piece, for a casual or elegant look.” This is how Piero Lissoni describes his collection of sofas and armchairs, Chemise and Chemise XL. The clear lines and shapes, the design defined by the company’s art director and architect, comfort as an absolute requirement, the use of movement to give a line that once again fits perfectly into the Living Divani range, adding elegance, calibre and discretion to the landscape of the modern home. The sofa comes in two different depths to ensure comfort for all. The short, rhythmic, horizontal stitching detail on the armrests is an example of ornamentation at its most intangible. Technical details The supporting structure is in painted tubular and drawn steel. The seat frame is in fir wood, sprung using elastic straps. The backrest and armrest frames are made using a structural elastic material. The cushions are in washed and sterilised goose down, enclosed into separate sectors, with a polyurethane foam insert. Covering in the leathers and fabrics available in the catalogue. Both types of covers are fully removable. Dimensions: Family of sofas and armchairs of fixed dimensions, in 2 different depths: Armchair: 95x90cm; 95x110cm Sofas: 180x90cm; 220x90cm; 270x90cm XL: 220x110cm; 270x110cm Chemise Bed Headboard in painted tubular and drawn steel, covered with a structural elastic material. Frame in poplar plywood padded with polyurethane foam. Covering manufactured with 100% polyether, thermally bonded onto a polyamide velveteen backing. Leather or fabric upholstery, covers fully removable with Velcro fastening. Lining to cover the base 100% cotton, colour Ecru with side opening with zippers. Dimensions: 112 / 182 / 202 / 222 x 215 headboard height 68 cm.

Perfect, harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury: these are the distinguishing features of Living Divani, the dynamic and vibrant family-owned company, that has made its trademark of upholstery.