The Charcoal Dining tabletop is made from the incredibly durable teak wood.

Country of origin
Tukan Teak Wood
Tabletop thickness

What distinguishes the Charcoal tabletops are the matte black finish and slightly rough surfaces that bring a natural expression to the dining room. The Charcoal tabletops come in three different sizes and pair beautifully both with the Y-frame table legs and the Maiden table legs.

Note: Legs are sold separately. 

Rune Krøjgaard + Knut Benedik Humlevik

Rune Krøjgaard
For Rune design is all about being able to 'see new possibilities' and finding 'the simplicity through the shape and dimension' of a body. Thus his objects are meant to 'complement the eye and the body' and create a 'relation between shape and space'.

Knut Bendik Humlevik
Knut has a great interest in the entirety and dynamics of his designs and creations, based on the material's natural ability. For him, design is seeing the balance in a product and trimming away all unnecessary details.

At NORR11 we strive to rethink Scandinavian design in order to create timeless furniture pieces. We seek inspiration from nature and raw materials, which is evident in our products that often redefine materials, techniques and forms. Fusing together cultures from around the world with simple Scandinavian design principles, we generate a unique perspective on furniture design. Our name stands for our Nordic heritage and the day it all began, the 11th of November 2011. Welcome to NORR11.