Width 95 cm
Depth 95 cm
Height 74 cm
Weight 50 kg
Seat height 40 cm


Feet pads material Black polypropylene
Foam material Stress-resistant polyurethane foam and injected flameretardant polyurethane foam in varied densities
Frame material Wood
Upholstery A3088 - Balder 3 782 blue (Massas)


Angle 90°
Connectors ABS steel linking elements
Volume 0.7 m3

Chamfer: diagonal movement. An intuition born from carpentry terminology becomes the distinctive feature of a modular system, which is new in terms of formal construction and innovative in terms of compositional flexibility.

Through five modules, different in length and depth, and a single junction, it is possible to imagine a multitude of combinations, from simple specular arrangements to well-structured geometrical sequences. Its trait is strongly recognizable in reference to the deconstruction executed on Lowland (2000) and the sophisticated design on Redondo and M.a.s.s.s.a.s.(2012). The term “chamfer” refers to the sloping edge architectural detail. This is the origin of the sofa shape, which characterizes all of the system’s seating elements. Versatile, flexible, and refined, these sofas welcome us in a big elegant embrace.

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain, and currently lives and works in Milan. She studied at the faculty of Architecture at the Madrid Politecnico and at Politecnico di Milano, where she graduated in 1989. From 1990 to 1996 she served as assistant professor to Achille Castiglioni and Eugenio Bettinelli at the Politecnico di Milano. During this time she has also led the

product development department at DePadova, where she designed together with Vico Magistretti. In 2001 she opened her studio of product design, display, and architecture. She has worked with leading manufacturers.

Urquiola has received prizes including Designer of the Year, Elle Decor International Design Awards, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, and the Design Prize Cologne.

Moroso has been working in close collaboration with some of the world’s most talented designers to produce luxury sofas and seating since 1952.