Width 17 cm
Depth 17 cm
Height 2.30 cm


Colour Copper
Material Copper


Assembly required none


CHAKRA, which in Sanskrit means wheel, is inspired by the stands used inside pressure cookers in India to raise vessels off the base and allow for even cooking. The Chakra trivet is spun out of copper or brass in five stages and comes as a set of three nesting pieces. We love this product’s ‘v’-profile, but also how little material it uses. It was designed so that any material left over from the spinning process could be used to make our AYASA jars. Sold as a set of three, in brass or copper. They can be used a variety of ways to hold large and smaller dishes by either nesting or separating them. Dimensions: Small (Dia)13cm x (H)2.3cm Medium (Dia)15cm (H)2.3cm Large (Dia)17cm x (H)2.3cm

AYASA, which in Sanskrit means ‘of metal’, was our first collection and embodies what we set out to do as an Indian design studio. Our idea then – and now – was to celebrate the quiet but considered functionality of Indian household objects that are often not considered design pieces, but absolutely should be. In Indian and the subcontinent materials such as copper and brass are used for eating and drinking rather than just decoration. This collection celebrates the idea that beauty and utility can be in balance.

We are a product design studio based between Bangalore and London.