Max height 28 cm
Shade diameter 23 cm
Structure height 18 cm


Lampshade colour White
Lampshade material Opal Glass
Structure material Stainless Steel


Class type II
Colour temperature 2700 k
Dimmable Yes
Light bulb cap type E27
Light bulbs included No
Other light sources wattage 40 w
Product certificate CE
Wattage 6 w


A splendid bibelot that refines all that it lights up.

With the constructive strength of its larger counterpart, and also apt to lend significance to its location in any corner or on any shelf, the Cestita Metálica does not incorporate a handle, a sign that it is predisposed to remain wherever it is placed.

Miguel Milá

A member of the generation of industrial design pioneers in Spain who has seen some of his furniture and lamps become real contemporary classics.

Miguel Milá was born in a Catalan aristocratic family with strong links with the artistic world (his ancestors assigned the Milá House, also known as La Pedrera, to Gaudí), and started working as an interior designer in the architecture studio of his brother Alfonso Milá and Federico Correa. It was the end of the 50s, a time of crisis when Spain hardly knew what industrial design was. There was practically no industry, everything was generally handmade. This framework marked the way Miguel Milá understood design, being sensitive to the pleasure of touching and closer to traditional techniques.

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