new lzf Cervantes S new lzf Cervantes A

Wood touched by Light Cervantes, regal illumination Cervantes, by the German designer Burkhard Dämmer for LZF, is offered as a wall/ceiling sconce and/or a suspension lamp. This new design, in line with the tradition of latticework, features strips of wood veneer spreading out in all directions, creating a striking concave effect. So what’s the idea behind Burkhard’s new lamp? “… I wanted to imitate the winding effect of ruffs, the neck ornaments used during the baroque period, often seen in old paintings depicting famous people, such as Miguel de Cervantes himself. The exceptional malleability of the wood veneer allows me to mimic the ruff pattern to create a unique diffuser. To complete the prototype, I chose a circular, embossed luminaire shaped as a concave lens, on which the wood veneer strips rest. An LED system is used as a backlight behind the wooden strips, providing a lamp of ever-changing shades”. The lampshades are available in 10 different wood veneer finishes. Home, contract, hospitality.

Lzf’s contemporaneity lies in their model of business, a “family” business, yet still highly professional, in their coherence of the original thought through to the final product, in the cultural mixture of Spain, Autralia and Italy present in their founders, in the selection of the materials used, both natural yet also technological, in their concept of design contaminated by their particular artistic vision, and their vocation to expand, but to expand “inteligently”, with dynamism, symtomatic of passion, a necessity for the high quality results of their work, which apart from other things, is made possible by their commitment to work together.