Centeo cen99 by Klöber

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Klöber Centeo cen99 head height swivel chair; with perfectly coordinated procomfort synchronous mechanism, 4F polished arm supports with cover sleeve and polished aluminium base.

The Centeo swivel chair from Klöber is just made for the head of a company: leather and aluminium combine to produce a remarkable looking chair perfected down to the very last detail. The success of a company is decided in the management offices. The Centeo swivel chair from Klöber fits well in these surroundings. The aluminium and leather reflects the shifts between tension and composure that typify such offices. The soft upholstery is matched by a firm backrest and like its user it subtly demands attention while being open to communication as well. A calming radiance is achieved by the high-quality, finely-crafted materials and the generous proportions. Every detail is of crafted precision. The backrest is finished with flat-fell seams and cording. Strategically placed folds define the character of the seat and bring out the nobility of the leather. The polished aluminium armrests are in marked contrast to the seat cover. The two bars on the back of the chair come stylishly together and then, just before they meet, head underneath the seat. The dynamic form reflects the finish of the material: the polished look perfectly complementing the leather. The technology behind the executive chair from Klöber is just as exciting. The point-synchronised mechanism adapts to the user’s body weight. An adjustable knob allows for customised sitting comfort. The seat depth can also be adapted for added comfort. The ergonomically designed backrest, with or without a headrest, locks into place for additional support. Conference chairs complement the Centeo swivel chairs. The cantilever models reflect the elegant understated interplay between leather and chrome. The natural movement of the chair is taken up by the armrests and appears to embrace the backrest. The armrest pads are upholstered in leather.

Valuable Roots Klöber has its origins in the pioneering spirit of the 1930s.