CD 140 T + 180 T + 160 T – FLOATGLASS clear 
These towers are ideally suited for CD storage directly next to your stereo due to their compact size. All sizes require a very small base and yet stand securely despite the huge capacity due to the high-quality foundation made of massive, finely honed stainless steel. The models with a width of 23.5 cm are designated entirely for CDs, models with a double width of 47 cm integrate shelves for DVDs or blu-rays already in the standard design. As for all models of DREIECK collection your personal preferences can naturally be realized. Available standard sizes: 
CD 140 T : 23,5 x 23 x 96,5 cm- For 140 CDs 
CD 160 T : 23,5 x 23 x 111 cm- For 160 CDs
 CD 180 T : 23,5 x 23 x 125,5 cm- For 180 CDs
 CD 280 T : 47 x 23 x 111 cm- For 280 CDs or 200 CDs + 80 DVDs 
DC 360 T : 47 x 23 x 147,5 cm (w x d x h) - For 360 CDs or 240 CDs + 120 DVDs Custom sizes available.

The DREIECK DESIGN collection offers a variety of different CD racks in several different designs and versions. These have space from 140 up to 636 CD’s. As with every product in our collection you have the choice between the more classic Floatglass and the rather modern Optiwhite glass.

DESIGN IS THE ART OF THE 21th CENTURY. For over 30 years our family enterprise is well known for modern furniture design „made in Germany“.