Castle Knight low bed DBA-208.6 by De Breuyn
De Breuyn

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A compact overall structure of only 58cm and mattress base touching the ground is perfect for your crawlers and for the room with slope ceilings. Material: Solid beech wood, natural oiled or or stained in 16 different colours. Dimensions:: 102 x 212cm, H= 57cm

As tournament tent or fortified castle the Knights castle bed offers multiple opportunities to your little knight. Your little knight can play all day with the shield and sword, conquer his dream worlds and at last can put down his weapons in the simple weapon holder that is a part of every knight bed. A removable banner is also there for practical role-plays. A medium-high bed version of this is also available for your infants with special stairs to provide him proper safety. The sky structure of this bed can also be placed on the mid-high bed version - a perfect tournament tent. Two sides of the playing bed are equipped with defensive walls. The castle windows are made of plywood and are available in 16 different bright colors. Yes, it is absolutely available in pink for your little princess to enjoy in her princess castle.

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