Cantara Glas Set LED Quarta 500 PD S by BRUCK

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Oberfläche hochglanz verchromt. Acryllinse zur präzisen Lichtabbildung mit weich auslaufender Lichtkontur. Mundgeblasenes Glas aus zwei Schichten, außen: weiß seidenmatt, innen: weiß seidenmatt für eine weiche Lichtverteilung. Elektrische Leitung Metallgeflecht vernickelt und mit transparentem Kunststoff überzogen.

BRUCK, one of Germany’s leading lighting manufacturers, is expanding its successful CANTARA range of pendant lamps. With CANTARA GLAS, BRUCK has created a pendant lamp which masterfully sets the scene for modern dining or conference tables with its clear form and supreme workmanship. The minimalist design of the lamp is focused on the essentials: light that bathes the room in sensually warm or brilliantly cool light. These effects are created by coating the inside of the lamp with composition gold or silver.

 CANTARA GLAS displays a fascinating ambivalence between exterior and interior effect: from the outside, the light is characterised by a smooth surface, making it seem at first cool and businesslike. Its cylindrical body is painted black, white or cream-coloured on the outside.

 The glamorous effect is on the inside. The impermeable coating of the lamp shade concentrates the light in the inside of the lamp, making it a real eye-catcher.

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