Width 12 cm
Depth 15 cm
Height 3.50 cm
Weight 0.50 kg


Colour Black
Material Metal Other


‘Ka’, the Japanese word for ‘fire’ refers to the ancient fabrication method of casting, but also to the finished object itself. The term is moreover associated with its function to hold and enlighten a fire, in a beautifully artisan way.

With this design, Nicolette evokes the Japanese search for simplicity through repeating patterns. “The purity of the design enables you to create simple and honest shapes, or endlessly intriguing patterns. The composition can be adjusted to any occasion; subtly displayed on the table for dinner parties, or as an eye-catching accessory in the living room. The possibilities are endless, that is why the product remains so fascinating, and yet, authentic.” "I wanted to use an ancient technique and material known for its solidness and durability but transfer it into something tactile and malleable for people to touch and to play with".

Designer Nicolette de Waart comes from the Netherlands, drawing inspiration from the countries where she has lived and visited, including Singapore and the UK, where she is based and her products are hand-made by craftsmen. Her previous furniture includes her metal bookshelves, Corian Solid Oak desk and daybed. Her Multi-Awarded Leaf Seats have been used in numerous projects for leading companies like GOOGLE Head office in Dublin, Accor Hotel group and MR Architecture in New York and the pouf is featured in Missoni showroom London and she recently launched her Poppy Bloom Stools and Outdoor Leaf Seats.