Dim: 214x220x290cm – 85x87x115” Natural timber veneer Polywood® colors: American White, Cherry, Beech, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Grey, Turquoise, Chocolate. 3 x Agatha SP, 2 x Minimizado S, 1 x Pod SP, 1 x Pod SM, 1 x Poppy SP, 1 x Totem 4S, 4 x Raindrop SM, 2 x Raindrop SG. 6 x Ceramic birds. Cream leather upholstered canopy.

Wood touched by Light Candelabro, Pure fusion. Candelabro is a song about a world where golden birds inhabit suggestive cloud like forms. A melody that breaks and reunites. A song of lights, composed by Marivi Calvo using the most emblematic pieces of the firm. Contract, hospitality. Dim: 245x300cm – 96,5”x118” Natural timber veneer Timberlite® colors: Ivory White, Natural Beech. Consulte toda la información técnica en la sección “Catálogos”, seleccionando Tech Book. Energy Class: A++/A+/A/B Lamps included: A+/A

Lzf’s contemporaneity lies in their model of business, a “family” business, yet still highly professional, in their coherence of the original thought through to the final product, in the cultural mixture of Spain, Autralia and Italy present in their founders, in the selection of the materials used, both natural yet also technological, in their concept of design contaminated by their particular artistic vision, and their vocation to expand, but to expand “inteligently”, with dynamism, symtomatic of passion, a necessity for the high quality results of their work, which apart from other things, is made possible by their commitment to work together.