CAMIRO swivel chair by Girsberger

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Camiro – a line of chairs for flexible workplaces. Girsberger's Camiro line of chairs has been designed to accommodate new ways of organizing offices, in which several employees will often use the same chair. Camiro is available as a swivel chair with automatic weight adjustment, a universal work & meet swivel chair and a cantilever chair. It has been designed by Martin Ballendat. Swiss furniture manufacturer Girsberger will be presenting a new line of swivel chairs at Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal. Camiro is the work of well-known German designer Martin Ballendat and has been specially developed with flexible workplaces in mind. It is becoming increasingly usual for several employees in an office to share the same swivel chairs. Very few of them go to the effort of adjusting the chair correctly to suit their own body as they are only using it temporarily. That's why the Camiro swivel chair has a synchronous mechanism which automatically adjusts to the user's weight. The seat height, depth and tilt function can be adjusted quickly and intuitively, as the ergonomic operating controls integrated into the seat shell are very easy to reach. There's no need to spend time trying things out, as the pictograms clearly show the function of the controls at a glance. Commenting on his design, Martin Ballendat said: "Today it is very common for office chairs to have a stretched mesh back, and this has resulted in most chairs having the same kind of square-shaped mesh. We were looking for a frame shape that also visualizes the tension. The result is an eye-catching yet natural geometry, which is reminiscent of the classical Da Vinci symbol. We have kept all the other parts and elements of the chair as low-key and reserved as possible in order to focus on this beautiful symbolic shape. The flat, minimal mechanism with flush-mounted operating controls is thus embedded in the seat support plate, and the height-adjustable armrests are attached directly to the backrest." The Camiro work & meet swivel chair goes a step further. It has been specially designed for the interface between working and communicating and has just two settings: the seat height and backrest lock. The seat appears to float on the aluminium supports. The work & meet swivel chair is extremely comfortable despite its thinner seat cushioning, as it features internal stretched mesh suspension and a tilt function for dynamic sitting. It comes with a choice of a four or five-prong base and the option of an upholstered backrest. The Camiro work & meet swivel chair is suitable for the demanding conference area, as well as providing an alternative for desk users who prefer not to spend a lot of time setting up their chair. There is a matching cantilever chair for visitors with a choice of stackable or non-stackable frame. Here, the designer has not used the characteristic stretched frame geometry of the backrest, but has included a different accent: a side-mounted aluminium adapter which provides a particularly delicate way of connecting the back to the frame. All three Camiro chairs have one thing in common: they represent excellent value for money.

The origins of the furniture manufacturer Girsberger go back to a woodturner’s workshop, which was founded as a family enterprise in Zurich in 1889.