Width 21 cm
Depth 28 cm
Height 56 cm


Finish Birch Natural Oil
Material Birch Natural


Year 1999

This ergonomic stool was originally developed for the cabinet maker master Rudi Merz’s own use, when he felt that every now and then it might be better to sit down when working.

Nowadays it is used even in meeting rooms.

Rudi Merz

A Swiss-Finnish carpenter, interior designer and teacher, born in Emmental, Switzerland, but moved to Finland 30 years ago, where he has been a member of Fiskars artists and craftsmen cooperative from 1996. He worked as a carpenter and a designer, among others for the company Nikari. He pays a great attention to quality and sustainability in the products manufacturing. Rudi Merz has received many awards for his designs, such as the Habitare Eco Design Award in 2012 and 2013 and many of his works are exhibited in various museums.

Nikari is a wood design studio and furniture manufacturer, established in 1967.