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Durlet Cadiz Durlet Cadiz

Anita Schmidt came up with not just a sofa design but an entire seating solution including sofa elements that can be built onto two different types of support bases, a chair and a dining bench. The elegance of the Cadiz lies in the backrest and armrests that are beautifully curved on the inside but appear much flatter on the outside. This contrast is accentuated nicely by the thick piping that frames the outside of the backrest and armrests. In addition to the piping, the design uses few stitch seams, which highlights the large leather surfaces even more. The seat and backrest of the sofa are upholstered in non-removable fabric. The seat is relatively deep but can be adjusted according to your needs by adding smaller cushions that can be made to order. This allows you to create your own look and to add cushions to your own taste. The following cushion types are available: low cushions for lumbar support, full-length back support cushions, and armrest cushions that can be attached to a cylindrical cushion and serve as a removable head support. If you remove the smaller cushions, the sofa offers plenty of room for resting. Furthermore, you can choose between two types of armrests. You can order a sofa with armrests that sit beneath the seat on a metal brace consisting of a shaped rod, which will create the visual impression that the piping of the armrest simply blends in with the rest of the sofa. The other option is to order a sofa with armrests that continue through to the floor. Underneath, the armrest rests on a thin metal rod that visually resembles the piping on the armrest. The black chromium-plated steel once more ads a chic but subtle touch to the design. The sofa is available in the following lengths: 160, 180, 200 or 225cm. The ottoman is available in the following dimensions: 94x94cm or 94x54cm. Individual sofa cushions are available in the following widths: 58, 68 or 78cm. In many architectural designs, the kitchen or dining room is directly linked to the living room. Anita Schmidt added an accompanying dining bench and chair to her design to create harmony between the sofa area and a nearby dining table. She used the same lines in her dining bench and chair design – beautiful curves and a frame created by the thick piping in the backrest and armrests – adjusted in this case to the specific needs in terms of space. Two chair designs are available. One design puts the chair on a sled frame constructed from chromium-plated steel, which offers a pleasant springy effect, whereas the other design uses arms that continue through to the floor and include a metal rod finish similar to the sofa design. This type of chair can be fitted with caster wheels or fixed glides. The dining bench uses the same seat and backrest design but offers a different finish on both ends. The side pieces have been positioned underneath as opposed to adjacent to the seat to ensure that people can easily join or leave the table. The dining bench is available in a range of standard sizes (160, 180, 200, 220, 240 cm) or can be custom made to suit your needs.

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