C9 Flexible conference system by Holzmedia

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Flexible conference table system for all room configurations and extremely easy to assemble and disassemble. The C9 Flexible conference table can be set up or taken down in a surprisingly short time. Extensions and modifications to the set-up are always possible. The table tops, available in various shapes and sizes, allow an almost endless array of possible conference table configurations. Optionally available with specially developed C9 multimedia flaps for plug-and-play connector panels. With C9 Transport cart available. Options media technology: - C9 Vertical cable duct - cutomized multimedia integration Table top shapes: - C9 Square plate - C9 Rectangular plate - C9 End- pieces in various sizes Substructures options: - C9 Substructure A shape - C9 Substructure V shape - C9 Rectangular substructure Dimensions: - in various standard dimensions

At Holzmedia, fine furniture meets multimedia technology.