Bullit by Illum Kunstlicht
Illum Kunstlicht

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Outside - Shiny Black Inside - Gold Art. No.: Bullit 25 - KL-0146 Bullit 35 - KL-0846 Bullit 60 - KL-0246

Designed by studio IK the Bullit is available as suspension lamp and comes in 3 standard diameters 6 colours. The material is fiberglass which gives the lamp the possibility to be customized in various ways. The Bullit can be customized with a choice of exterior textures: bronze look, metal look shiny white/black. The inside standard colours are fuchsia, gold, gold leaf, lime-green, orange, white and red. The handcrafted Bullit is characterised by the simplicity of its bullit form. The light flowing from the center of the lamp creates a warm lighting atmosphere. The various sizes and colours available can be combined to create, personalised compositions.  Bullit 25 1 x 60W/E27 Bullit 35 1 x 75 W/E27 Bullit 60 1 x 100W/E27

Kunstlicht translated from Dutch to English means Artificial - light.