Buggy Fold by Lande

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Lightweight elegance. A slim, playful design that can be set out – and folded out – in an instant. Weighing only 15 kilos, this flexible, stable table is amazingly light and practical. And it looks very special. Whatever you do, however you work, this table provides all the support and comfort, convenience and character that you would expect from a well-considered design. The Buggy Fold also features the characteristic brackets and an elegant, thin top. An ideal table for flexible layouts such as a training room, the hall or a temporary meeting room. The design is airy and fresh, ensuring that the room remains ‘open’. The white top and the polished aluminium bracket base enhance this feeling. This table is easy to move, and can be even quicker to set out and clear away with the table trolley.

There is an increasing demand for a different way of working and living.